Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week 5 Report & Pictures

Inspired by Jessica at Trivium Academy to post a "weekly report," I give you a single page created by each of my children this past week. To type out what they did would take hours...and I need those hours to create assignement sheet for tomorrow morning!

~A page from Ginger's Botany Coloring Book~

~Momo's Spelling Test of Tapestry of Grace Vocabulary Words~

~One of Tullius's pages from Singapore's Challenging Word Problems 2~

~Zamakee's cut and paste page from his Kumon Book of Pasting~

~Beanie's Dragon picture, the labeling & flame were done by Momo~

There it is -- WEEK 5 of 36! Actually, if you want to see this week's hands on projects of the Ziggurat at Ur, a small Sumerian chariot, and a Babylonian Tile Mosaic, check out our History Project Picture page!

If you stop by, say hi! I want to see your blog too!


Trivium Academy said...

Wow gang! Fabulous work, it looks like you have had a lot of fun learning. I love the Botany Coloring page Ginger! Momo, your handwriting is VERY nice, great job! Tullius, I'm impressed by your mathematical ability! Beanie, your he friendly? Zamakee, great job with the cutting!

Mom, this has been fabulous visit! Do the highlights to keep your sanity, one thing per wee one. I really wish we could come over and PLAY!

:) Have a great week Ginger, Momo, Tullius, Zamakee, Beanie and Mom!


Susu said...

Love your weekly report idea...I think I am going to try that as well!!!


Jenny said...

Wow, your history project page is quite impressive!! We just started history in July (with my 6 yo and my 4 yo listening in) and we've only gotten through archaeology, dinosaurs, and are currently doing prehistoric man. You Egyptian museum will be an inspiration in chapters to come!

Anyway, "Hi!" I'm Jenny. I lurk on the wtm curriculum board. My "Light in the Shadows" blog is my daily about the school we've done and life in general. My "Nuts and Bolts" blog is our schoolwork and my planning of such. Stop by if you like. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee! I finally got a chance to get over here to your blog. :) Have been really busy getting ready for our new school year. Took 4 bags of decluttering results to the goodwill and am now beginning some nitty gritty fall cleaning lol

I love looking at your weekly assignment sheets, they are very nice, what did you use to create them?

Your self portrait is awesome!


LisaWA said...

It’s great to get a peak at what others are doing! I’m so glad you shared....

I’m thinking of doing the same when we begin.... nothing like accountability (peer pressure! ha!) to keep me on track.

Ya, mom.... ya, kids... good job!


Jennefer said...


I linked to this post in my recent blog entry! Thanks for sharing your sweet ones' work. It help inspired me to do it, too.

Have a blessed day,

LisaWA said...

my email is I cant get to the WTM boards for some reason.... and I cant reply to your coment.... email me! *Ü*


Tina in WA said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have inspired by everyone doing weekly updates that I too want to do this once school has started at our home.

I love your other site too! Our children have so much in common.



Karen said...

I love your history project pictures. I am going to borrow this idea. I think I will even have my hubby host it on his .mac account :-). I looks like you guys are having a fabulous year so far.

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