Saturday, June 21, 2008

You get what you ask for

Okay, you don't always get what you ask for...but if you don't ask, it is certainly less likely that you'll get what you want.

The other night my husband told me I'd spent two times as much as he did last month on the credit card.  And if he hadn't bought a piece of software, his only charges would have been gas.  So I asked to see what I'd spent (I normally don't do this...I don't like seeing all those charges).  In looking over the list and at the history, I discovered that I had 3 ALEKS (online math) charges, even though we'd only used it one month.  

I'd thought that signing up monthly billing meant that I'd pay by the month, not I'd be automatically billed every month.  Apparently, I didn't read the fine print.   I had chosen not to cancel the account because when you do, all records are wiped...and I'd been hoping we might use ALEKS over the summer, picking up where we left off, since my dd enjoyed it as review. But yesterday, I cancelled the account and complained by in my "exit survey" and in an email to customer support that it wasn't clear that monthly billing and automatic billing were the same thing.

And, this is the important part of this post, I requested a refund.  I didn't just complain (as I so often due when dealing with a company).  I stated exactly what outcome I wanted.  And guess what?  I'm getting a refund for those two months!  I did have to call customer support, explaining my situation and my request again.  But I'm getting a refund for the months we didn't use.  

I'm impressed, both with myself for actually doing this, and with ALEKS for giving me the refund.  My husband is also impressed with me for making the phone call...he knows how much I dislike do that sort of thing. 

So remember, don't just complain...tell the other party what you want.  They can say no, they can counter offer, or they can say yes! 


Lisawa said...

Lee! This is good news!!!

Remember the company I have been having trouble with?? well I called 3 more times over the last month... the first 2 being assured I would get the product i bought in Feb....

Well... it still didn’t happen.... I called this week and re explained again how shocked I am that I have been reassured over and over the links to my downloads would be sent....

So while we were on the phone, she finally sent them and a link to download "all" they had!

I didn’t expect that! I finally have my links....

G said...

It *is* hard to call and ask for money back, but the couple of times I have managed to do it in the past, it has been worthwhile.

And congrats! It's looks like your family is off to a great start on their new school year!

Mom2legomaniacs said...

While not asking for a refund or anything, we did make it perfectly clear what we wanted when car shopping this week. Those that were not willing to play nice bowed out. Those who were respectable, stayed in. We are going tomorrow to sign the papers!

Tina said...

I had this happen with our X-Box. This is the 2nd time it died in 1 year. (GRRRRR) But I finally made the call. They were going to charge us repair fees. I told them I didn't want to pay anything because this is the 2nd time it has happend (we didn't pay the 1st time either). They said, "OK.". I was very happy with the outcome.

But I am with you. I hate making those calls! But I finally did it and the outcome was perfect. Just want I wanted. :)

Rhonda said...

Thats great that they gave you your money back. I don't like doing that either, but there have been times I have had to do it. It is nice when they are polite and give it back to you.

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