Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reports: Five in a Row, Papa Piccolo

We just finished our 4th Five in a Row book, Papa Piccolo! Dad sat in on the first reading of the book and decided all the children should write a report on something about cats or Venice.
Ginger (13) wrote about Siamese cats and Momo (11) wrote about the Egyptian Mau. Momo drew a picture on the back of her report (see below).

My 8yo ds (current nickname Honda) did his on gondoliers. I did assist him in arranging his sentences into 2 focused paragraphs. My 6yo ds (current nickname Bakura) copied a sentence I typed out. I drew the cat picture and he & Momo colored it together.

This week Dad assigned a report on anything we've covered in Story of the World 2 (we're on Chapter 11). No one has picked a topic yet...but it is only Tuesday.


Lisawa said...

Lee, its good to see you post!!

*Ü* I just noticed in my side bar you posted and had to come peek!


Tina in WA said...

Very nice drawings. :)

Great to see you post. And it is wonderful to see dad's get in on a little homeschooling action!


Brittney said...

Love to see the dads get involved. I love the idea of them writing reports...whether the idea comes from mom or dad! What a great way to get them all involved in the same thing!


Jennefer said...

I didn't realize (or had already forgotten) that you guys were doing SOTW 2 also! We are only on Chapter 4 but we're loving it so far. Thatcher keeps asking when we are getting to the knights and samurai! ;)

Good to see you post!


Edwena said...

Beautiful drawing! This is my first time to your blog.
Edwena from FIAR

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