Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Study (before pictures)

Since I last posted, I have

1. Been washing my hair with baking soda. I love it! No conditioner needed and my hair is so soft!
2. Lost 12 lbs through SparkPeople. If you're a member, let me know! I'm 5wolfcubs there also.
3. Had a large portion of the interior of my house painted a light, neutral color. It turned out beautiful. Plus I love how I've rearrange the furniture.

However, emptying several rooms into one while painting has left a serious problem in The Study.

Care for the tour?

Standing in the doorway -- the closet is blocked by boxes of new blinds waiting to be installed (on Friday). The futon is covered in boxes, the floor is covered in boxes... Boxes of what? Stuff. Stuff with a capital S.

Looking to the left we see the rest of the futon, but not the rest of the Stuff. Oh, no, there is more.

In front of my lovely IKEA cabinet is more Stuff. The cabinet is fairly full also, but it all neat & orderly inside.

And last we come to the desk of Momo (age 11, 6th grade).

Where are the rest of her books? Why they are on the kitchen table waiting to be checked by the teacher...who is apparently on a blogging break.

So, what am I going to do with all the Stuff? And where did it all come from?!


Chucki the Parrothead said...

It looks like my living room did when I rearranged two rooms this week. It was a great time to declutter. Good luck with it all.

Angela said...

Love the honesty- I joined spark people as well! However, I switched to myfooddiary.com just because I wanted to see the exact fiber count everyday:) I am proud of you for losing 12 pounds! Good for you! I hoping for 20 since I have put on 6 after losing 10! So you have inspired me again!

Tina said...

Just had to stop by to see if you've been up to anything... and boy... you've been one busy momma wolf. :)


Jennefer said...

Baking soda! Hmmmmm...have to try that one. I've been looking for and trying out lots of healthy skin and hair care options. Food is easier, this is hard! ;)

Can't wait to see all the after shots!


Angela said...

I'm giving you an "I Love Your Blog" award because....I love your blog! Come by my blog and pick it up, at your convenience of course. :)

Michelle said...

Washing hair with baking soda, that's a new one...interesting!

I'm not looking forward to our apartment looking like that over the next 2 months until we move...ugh!

momishome2 said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I always love hearing from a fellow classical homeschooler! I'm a member of SparkPeople, too, but haven't been very active lately. I need to get back into it, but can hardly find time to breathe, let alone read another Web site. When I make it over there again I'll look you up.

Carol S said...

Much sympathy here. We had our floors redone this summer, which means we basically had to pack like we were moving. Stuff in boxes everywhere. I still haven't unpacked everything. Good luck with it all.

Jenny in Ca said...

you have stuff! I have stuff too, I wonder also, where it comes from. Maybe we need a 'stuff' council to figure out why this keeps happening.

We did some major cleaning New Year's weekend, my "stuff" has been contained and shrunk into one large laundry basket, where it sits in my room, waiting for me to sort through it...what are the bets it will multiply and grow?

you are very brave to post photos! Good luck!

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