Thursday, October 2, 2008

Out of the House Schedule

I like being at home. I'm a home birthing, homeschooling, stay-at-home mom. Still, I seem to be out of the house a lot these days. I was sharing with my mom about what we did last week and it sounded SO busy. I decided to make a little chart. It looks better on paper.

Green is morning activities, blue is afternoon activities, and red is evening activities. Basically we're on a 2 week rotating schedule. One busy week, one not-so-busy week. I like that.

I feel our out-of-the house schedule is full but manageable. We're certainly doing a lot more then last year!

To use an analogy, this amount of activity is like a 3/4 full cup of water. Safe enough for a preschooler to carry to the table, but if they drop it -- big mess to clean up!


ohio12 said...

I feel like I am out of the house too much lately too. But I am saying "no" to more opportunities than I accept! Your schedule looks great.

Jackie in AR said...

I'm a homebody, too, but I'm finding as my dc get older, we seem to be out of the house a lot more.

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